A DUI lawyer is a legal attorney specializing in the defense of businesses and individuals charged with impaired driving. A DUI (driving under the influence) citation is one of the most serious charges that a driver can receive. The charges faced by drivers accused of DUI vary widely from state to state. In some jurisdictions, a DUI is punishable by as much as a year in jail and a heavy monetary fine. In other states, drivers can be placed in jail and have their wages garnished. If you are facing a DUI charge, it is imperative that you hire a highly experienced and qualified DUI attorney to represent your case.

A knowledgeable DUI lawyer will advise you of the possible penalties you face as well as potential defenses that may exist. It is important to retain a DUI lawyer when you are charged with drunk driving. Many times innocent people are wrongfully accused of DUI laws and are facing serious jail time or other penalties. If you choose to go to trial without the help of an attorney, the result can be disastrous. For this reason, it is imperative that you engage a DUI lawyer to prepare for your case.

Most DUI attorneys will advise their clients to plead guilty to the charges rather than fight the charges. This advice is often very helpful. Sometimes innocent people are wrongly convicted of DUI laws. By taking a guilty plea, a person is admitting guilt but avoids the severe penalties usually associated with a DUI charge.

Some states offer a “parole without probation” program that could help reduce a prison sentence for DUI offenses. However, public defenders in some districts cannot accept these cases because there simply are not enough of them to handle all the DUI cases throughout the state. If you are facing a significant number of DUI charges, you may wish to consider hiring a DUI lawyer. He will be able to give you advice on how best to plead, what to expect from the court, and what the possible outcome might be.

The cost of hiring a DUI lawyer varies greatly. Your state’s public defender office will likely cover most, if not all of the costs. Some areas will fund the costs for their clients through revenue increases. You may have to pay your own expenses out-of-pocket. The cost of hiring a DUI attorney will depend on a number of factors including your circumstances, the charge against you, your representation, and the laws in your state.

You should also consider the cost of going to court not only to find a resolution in your case, but to obtain the most favorable outcome. The cost of DUI lawyer fees can make going to court a costly endeavor. Even if your charge is eventually dismissed or reduced, you will still have to pay for your attorney’s services. If you do decide to seek legal counsel, the cost can quickly add up. If you are guilty and go to court, the cost of your defense and the expense of your fines can be very high.

A serious criminal offense such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) is considered a serious crime. The penalties associated with a DUI conviction can include jail time, heavy fines, loss of license, community service, probation, and in some cases, jail time. If you were arrested for this crime, it is important to hire an experienced and skillful DUI attorney. An experienced attorney will have the knowledge and skills necessary to get the best outcome for your case.

Hiring a DUI attorney is the best way to defend yourself from serious charges like these. A knowledgeable lawyer will know all of the laws that are related to your specific situation and will be able to give you the advice needed to avoid serious punishment. DUI charges can have devastating consequences. If you have been charged with driving under the influence charge, consult with a legal expert as soon as possible.

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